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So this was RJ's birthday card. The next photo is the inside. It's a nice little surprise to have it pop out at you like that, all sparkly and what not. (smile)

RJs bday card 2_edited
cheryls bday card

I sent this card to my friend Cheryl. We've been friends since junior high school! Wow! That's a long time! We have all kinds of great memories, and although we live long distances from one another, I still think of her often and with much love.


This is a little project I took down to the Lodge and handed out to the residents. It was just a little encouragement gift. The round pin is to put on your jacket or shirt - you just pull it off the card. I have mine on my jacket and wear it every day. I love these little pins! The inside sentiment is next to this - the "joyful" note with washi tape holding it in place. So much fun to make!


Can't you just feel the passion and emotion in this card because of the dramatic paint effect showing through??? Yeah, I sent this one to my girlfriend from high school! Ha! Perhaps I should've given it to my hubby. (sigh)


This stamp set is called "Three Amigos" by MamaElephant and it's one of my favorites. It's so darn cute it just really calls my name!!!


I bought this stamp set just for my daughter because she has long loved pandas and still sleeps with her beloved YaYa who came from the Memphis Zoo and is named after their famous resident panda.


This is Bear - my sweet boy. Fierce boy.


This is Paul, my sweet friend at the Lodge. His wife Kathy is receiving treatment in town. We all love Paul and spent time with him Christmas day playing Mexican Train - can you tell who the winners were??? lol


You know that feeling when you have just gotten someone the PERFECT gift? Well that's how I felt about this card! It was for a guy friend who LOVES cars (what guy doesn't) and although it wasn't as sexy as his cars, it was a car, and the couple on top could so have been him and his wife! Loved it!

brusho demo 4_edited
valentine or sympathy
joys bday card 2

Inside of Joy's card.

joys bday card

This is a card I made for sweet Joy Crain who shares my same birthday! She always remembers to send me a text of love on our special day, so this year, since I'm a card making fool, I thought I'd send her a special card! The background is made from the Brusho paints on Yupo paper - my new obsessions!!!

FW ink demo 4
FW ink demo 2

Me playing with my liquid inks making random backgrounds on Yupo paper. I just can't get enough!!!

cheryls bday card
brusho demo 5

More Brusho paints ...

brusho demo 10_edited
FW ink demo 3_edited
kims bday card_edited

So this card was given to my sweet friend Kim for her birthday. My girls said it was the best card I had made! Awww, thanks girls. I had so much fun making it! The background is done with the liquid inks that I just drop (with a dropper) onto the Yupo paper (it's plastic, not really paper) and then I use something handy to blend them. This time I used an old zip-loc sandwich bag. Let it dry and cut to whatever size. It's really cool paper. And of course I love anything with dogs!

paiges valentine card_edited
brusho demo 13
brusho demo 12
FW ink demo_edited
FW ink demo 1_edited

This is my kitchen island that often becomes my artistic work space! Ha! I was using the liquid inks to make my background paper for different cards. I don't usually create the background with a card in mind. I usually just get creative and see what happens.

brusho demo 6_edited
brusho demo 3_edited
brusho demo 2_edited
brusho demo 1_edited
brusho demo_edited
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